=CheckBacklink if have backlink in any site

i want to make this formula by seotoolsforexcel.

i have more 1000 link want to know if it have back link or no

please help about that

Do it like this then expand the formula downwards in the range:

thanks for try to help , i didn't mean that
i want to check backlinks about (A2) in any site (.)
not site i know to check , just check if A2 have backlinks on any site or no .


Do you mean "check if a site has a link?" Otherwise "backlink" doesn't mean anything if you are not referring to any particular site.

You are looking for a service with information of all backlinks to A2?
The you are looking for a Backlink Scrapper similiar to Majestic.com, ahrefs.com, semrush, sistrix, etc.