Change date automatically in =Dump Google Analytics formule?


Hello everyone,

I just bought the pro version and I have a small question about the Google Analytics module. I want to make a dashboard to check the variations of some statistics analytics of several customers on a same table.
I would like the dates to be automatically set to the current date, so day after day the table will provide me with up-to-date data.
Do you know how to do it ?

I have the following formula:
= Dump (GoogleAnalytics ("ga: 123456"; "ga: sessions"; "2017-01-22"; "2017-01-28"; ""; ""; "; ; "DEFAULT"))

How do we ensure that these dates are indicated automatically?
Many thanks in advance;)


Try to change the current date to today() with no quotation. If you want a time period, change the start date to "today()-x", where x is the number of previous days. For example:

= Dump (GoogleAnalytics ("ga: 123456"; "ga: sessions"; today()-7; "today()"; ""; ""; "; ; "DEFAULT"))


If it's not possible, can I make dates into A1 and B1 and use them into the formule ?

Like this (but don't work for my exemple) :
= Dump (GoogleAnalytics ("ga: 123456"; "ga: sessions"; "A1"; "B1"; ""; ""; "; ; "DEFAULT"))

Thx :wink:


Yes, just be sure to remove the quotation marks :smile:

= Dump (GoogleAnalytics ("ga: 123456"; "ga: sessions"; A1; B1; ""; ""; "; ; "DEFAULT"))


Ahah, I love u, really <3
Thx, all is right !


When I use the today function for this, for some reason my google analytics formulas refresh constantly, which unnecessaritly slows down Excel. Is there a way around this?


I think the most effective method is to implement a small portion of VBA code and decide yourself how often and when to update the cells containing the date.