Challenging Majestic GetLinkProfile/Link Profile Graph question


I am trying to use the SeoTools Majestic Link Profile Graph to achieve the following goal:

Compare (in bulk) domains based on the total number of referring links (or even better domains) pointing to each domain with a Trust Flow above a certain threshold, let's say 20, to filter supposedly spamming or low quality referring links/domains.

I am not interested in finding out the links themselves. I am interested in knowing how many, the count of, referring links (or even better domains) with a Trust flow of 20 or above domainX has according to Majestic. Then apply the same criteria in bulk to domainY, domainZ etc for comparison purposes.
The reason for that is because some webmasters, in order to increase the total number of links pointing to their website, buy spamming links which usually have a very low Trust Flow level and, moreover, are not related at all with the topic of their websites. Those of course are not quality links but, unfortunately, still count in the total number of referring links/domains provided by Majestic as a standard result out of the box.

The Majestic GetLinkProfile command at provides a better solution to find out how many quality links (ex. with Trust flow above 20 or any other threshold considered reasonable) each domain has.

When I use the SeoTools majestic GetLinkProfile tool, however, I incur in 2 types of problems:
1) First it only gives the option to extract the count value of referring links associated with each Trust Flow and Citation Flow value. According to the parameters shown in the GetLinkProfile command at it is possible to choose the datatype to referring domains (datatype= 1 - referring domains). Would it be possible to add this option in future seoTools releases? If it this would take too long is there any way to modify the SeoTools Majestic.xml connector (under the Id="LinkProfileGraph" section) to retrieve by default the referring domain values instead of the referring links?
In a SEO perspective the referring domains values are a much better metric to compare the number of quality links pointing to a bulk list of domains than the referring links. This is because it is much easier, for a black hat webmaster, to add many spammy links to a domain from 1 or a few domains (he possibly owns) than from a large number of different domains, which have a monetary and time cost to establish, renew and maintain just for the sake of black hat SEO purposes.

2) The second even more challenging issue with SeoTools majestic GetLinkProfile tool is that it does not provide a consistent number of excel rows (or columns if you choose the transpose option) for each domain included in the bulk list. It automatically excludes the combinations of Trust Flow and Citation Flow where the values are equal to 0 (i.e. having no referring links).
So for example, if I want to compare the number of quality links (Trust flow above 20) for the following domains: and I get the following results:
For I get 530 rows (all the combination of Trust Flow and Citation Flow with values, ie. number of links, not equal to 0)
Where for I get 580 rows (50 more combinations/rows in comparison to
Now this difference in number of rows makes it already hard to compare just 2 domains, imagine having a bulk list of hundreds of domains each one potentially providing a different number of rows. The reason why it would be hard to compare such a bulk list is that It would be hard to create an excel function that automatically retrieve and add all Trust Flow above 20 values for each domain.
If SeoTools would manage to retrieve and display all the data, like in the original Majestic CSV table available by clicking the "Export External Backlins Data" button at which are sorted by Trust Flow and contains the Combinations of TF and CF with 0 values it would be much easier to compare a bulk list of domains. I do not know if the current Majestic API allows to do that.
I hope my second point was clear enough. I am happy to discuss it further.

Thanks for any help!!!
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I've made some improvements to the Majestic connector which hopefully solves your issues. Unfortunately, I don't have API access right now so haven't tested the changes:

  1. Added option of choosing 'Referring domains'.
  2. Added option of entering multiple URLs and SeoTools will parse these one at a time and combine results. Use the field "Input" to get the input URL to keep track of which row corresponds to which item.

You can update the connector via the Manager.