Chain multiple filters for GSC, where one filter is a cell reference


I'm trying to chain more than one filter on GSC querying and fail on it. My try looks like in example, with the single difference: one filter is a cell reference. The whole formula looks like this:
=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2019-11-22";"2020-11-22";"['[mydata.xlsx]Tabelle1'!B2] query =~ mybrand";"web";0;"Clicks";WAHR;1000))

As a result comes the value, as it would be a single filter "query =~ mybrand".

What is the correct syntax of chaining multiple filters? In example they are just separated with a line break: CRLF or \r\n.


First, you need to combine cell reference and string using "&" sign. The cell reference must not be wrapped in quotes, otherwise Excel doesn't understand it's a reference. Then you also need to use the Char() function to insert a line break for SeoTools to recognize the two filters. Try:

=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2019-11-22";"2020-11-22";['[mydata.xlsx]Tabelle1'!B2] & char(10) & "query =~ mybrand";"web";0;"Clicks";WAHR;1000))


Doesn't work for me :frowning:

  • At first, my german Excel forces me to add double quotas to the file reference, like =Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2019-11-22";"2020-11-22";"['[mydata.xlsx]Tabelle1'!B2]" & char(10) & "query =~ mybrand";"web";0;"Clicks";WAHR;1000)). Without quotas it means the formula has a syntax error.

  • At second, after adding quotas the query delivers a result value, as it would there no any filter.


Try removing this part, then click on the cell to generate a new and proper reference:

Perhaps the Char() formula has a different name in German Excel. Try ZEICHEN(10)


Did it. With Zeichen the query delivers the result, as it would be only the filter part query =~ mybrand. The filter part with URL is not recognized...


Okay, what is in the cell referenced in the formula? Does it make a difference if you replace the cell reference with the filter string instead?


If i set the filter without cell referencing, but with the filter rule in the formula, like this:

=Dump(Connector("GoogleSearchConsole.SearchAnalytics";"";"2019-11-22";"2020-11-22";"page==" & ZEICHEN(10) & "query =- mybrand";"web";0;"Clicks";WAHR;1000))

In this case works only the page-filter, query-filter doesn't work - i see this on the value i get.


Okay, and how does it look if you generate the formula from the taskpane with the two filters written in the Filter textbox?



  • once both filter seem to work but deliver wrong numbers, which i can't reproduce in GSC directly,
  • or only one filter works - and there i can reproduce numbers in GSC

Hmm, sounds like this is an issue with the Search Console API rather than SeoTools.