Cannot logout of email account for Google Analytics


When I open Excel, click on SeoTools and then Google Analytics, I'm prompted to click "Login". I'm not given an option for which email account to log into at this point. After clicking "Login", I can see a link that says "Logout". However, clicking on the link does not result in logging me out of the account.

How do log out of the email address or how do I add another email address? I'm currently working in a trial version of SeoTools 8.0.36.



Thank you for noticing this. The bug happens for me as well. Will try to get a new build as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you should be able to get around it by removing the GA tag in the seotools.config.xml file, located in the Seotools install directory. Here is an example of the tag without any saved credentials:


Thank you, Victor. After doing this and reopening Excel SeoTools, I was prompted to reset and thus had the opportunity to log in to a different account. Seems I will have to follow this process each time I need to switch accounts. Appreciate the help!



We've fixed this bug. Available in latest version: