Cannot install SeoTools



When I try to install SeoTools I'm getting this error below:

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I'm currently running on Office 365 latest version and also Windows 10. What error that could be?
Thank you in advance.


Hi Arthur,

In the past, some users have reported this error when installing on 32bit Excel and solved when switching to 64bit. Do you have the option of installing 64bit?


Nope, it did now show up this option. I had to find the 7.0 version and use the 32 bits in order to work out.


I meant installing Excel 64 bit. Here is a version for 32 bit latest version:


Would like to install Office 365/Excel 64 bit, it keeps saying shut down excel apps and won't install?


Sent you a newer build, does it work? Also, make sure the Excel.exe process is not running in the background.