Cannot Convert Type "bool" to "string" error with GSC API

Whenever I try to pull data from Google Search Console like clicks and impressions, I get this error message:

Exception: RuntimeBinderException
Message: Cannot convert type 'bool' to 'string'

And it will give me '#VALUE' where I input the formula. This is only happening after the most recent update to the tool.

Is this a problem with the tool or on Google's side?
Is anyone else having this problem?
Any information about the problem or how to fix would be great as I pull a good amount of data from Google Search Console for my job every day.

Thank you!

I discovered the source of the problem.

I was copying over formulas I had created before the tool was updated. When the tool was update the formula used in Excel to pull data from Google Search Console was changed slightly.

By just pulling data using the side bar I was able to get the new formula and update all my old formulas in my sheet.

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Glad to hear you solved it. That is an unfortunate downside of upgrading connectors with new arguments.