Cache date and proxies


hi guys

I'm working on a excel-file that will give me cache dates of a set of URLs. Around 2.000-3.000 URLs would be my end goal.

I'm working with the Global HTTP settings, and around 30 proxies from But I keep getting #null error. So Google is blocking my attempt. The question thereby is, how many proxies should I use?

Extra: My ms delay is at the moment between 2100 and 4700 - and "if same domain".



How are you making the requests? Via the GoogleCacheDate connector or other formula?

Difficult to say, could be that the proxies are weak and Google recognizes the request patterns.



I'm using formula (=Connector("GoogleCacheDate.GoogleCacheDate";A2018)

I'm now working with around 90 proxies - and my error rate is down to around 10%. It would be great to have the Excel-fil recaluculate the once with #null. Anyone fixed this problem?