Bulk check Google Index status from list of urls



How can we bulk check status of indexed in google from a list of urls?

I think this works but how can we bulk apply? =Connector("Offpage.GoogleIndex","http://someurls.com","google.com")


Like this:

Note that Google will block you IP by showing a Captcha quite quickly so you might need to use proxies if you have a lot of url. Setup proxies in the global http settings. Also it might take a while as I've put a 5 sec delay so Google isn't pissed.


That was quick reply and perfectly explained!

Thank you!


I am trying to get this same thing to work with GoogleMobileReady but keep getting errors. Is there a work around?


Hi guys,

I am trying to figure out how to check the indexation of a page very simple without writing too much code.

All I found was this thread. The connector does not seem to work anymore.

Was this feature removed?




Yes, unfortunately it was removed.


Hey, Max.

One way to see if a URL has been indexed is to simply check Google's cache date:

=Connector("GoogleCacheDate.GoogleCacheDate", "https://community.seotoolsforexcel.com/")

If the page has been indexed (and meta robots isn't set to noarchive), the connector will return the URL's latest cache date (i.e. most recent crawl of the page).

If the page has not been indexed, it will return a #NULL! error.

Hope this helps!



Awesome, works like a charm! Thank you very much for your reply. Already gave up on this one :smile:

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It doesn't seem to be working for me. Has something changed ever since?



Should still be working. What error are you getting?

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It works now. I was using cache:URL instead of original to pull the data.

I assume, it'd need proxies if the list grows? please suggest how to add proxies to this.


Proxies can be added via Settings -> Global HTTP Settings

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