Bug in AdwordsKeywordSearchVolumes

  1. Detailed steps on how to reproduce the issue
  2. Win 7 64 bit SP1
  3. Excel 2016
  4. SeoTools version 7.0.11

I am using the following concatenation of text strings to ask for adwords search volume data:


Each of these petitions prints out 17 numbers for adwords for the 17 concatenated strings.

The problem is if I replicate this formula to 100 cells to sequentially ask for this data, every 3 or 4 arrays of data adwords throttles the response and SEOTOOLS doesnt handle it well and prints #VALUE!. This forces me to then manually go through all the #VALUES and asking them individually, which of course does not trigger the adwords throttle.

Basically the function should detect when adwords is not offering a response due to throttling, wait a second and then request again until a timeout is reache dor the request is fulfilled.

My adwords manager API account is correct and functioning well.



Can you try to use a range instead of the concatenated string with newlines?

Like this: I2:I17

SeoTools supports this for newer connectors but not 100% sure of Adwords.

Also, have you tried with a delay? This can be managed from Settings -> Global HTTP Settings: