Binance Excel Data Limit


I've just started using SeoTools and am running into an odd limitation.
Whenever I download the minute by minute data for a Crypto pair from Binance
I am limited to downloading 1000 lines which isn't even a whole day of minute by minute data.
Additionally it does not list the minutes, only the day it was pulled for every line.
What use is it if I can only search less than one day of minute by minute data and I don't even know what range that is with the minutes not labeled?
I tried closing out of excel and opening back up only to find the minute by minute data for BTC USDT pair was generating a single line. Not even the 100 or up to 1000 that I was getting. So this is weird.
I generated an API key with Binance and when I try to save it it just says that that key was not found in the dictionary. (yes it was allowing me to do searches prior to entering this key or any key for that matter.)
All in all unless there is a solution to all of this I'm just going to have to figure out how to ask for a refund, because this is not the functionality described on the website.


Thanks for reporting this. I've updated so pagination does not stop at 1000.

You can update the connector via Manage.

Regarding the date format, you change it in Excel: