Batch export - GSC data for various pages


For about 250 URLs I would like to get Google Search Console data about Impressions, Clicks and Position during the last 7 days. I could paste a filter ( and insert the data row by row. Is there any comfortable/automatic way to do so?


Unfortunately, only one URL is allowed for filters. I would extract all urls in a dimension, then filter against your list manually in Excel.


Hmm, only one URL for filters? Too bad. You mean, I should gather all available GSC data without any page filters? I think, some of the URLs I want to analyze could not be included then ...


I meant only one URLfilter. This filter can use wildcard matching etc.

Regardless of url filter helping you to narrow your data set, you can use the Page dimension to get data for all pages. Then use a formula or other Excel method to filter against your list of 250 URLs.

Perhaps I misunderstand you, why can't some URLs be included?


I thougt there was a API quota. If I use page dimension I get a list of all URLs for which data is available. With requesting that list, I might have reached that API-quota. And there might be more URLs I cannot request because of the limit.


Have you reached the rate limit before? I don't think this will be an issue, but not 100% sure. The limits are based on queries per second and we use pagination that should stay within the accepted limits.


I'm not sure if I reached the limit. Thought it was on a daily basis, like a few thousand requests per day. Gonna try your suggestion with getting data for all pages. Thanks for your help!


Have you upgraded to the latest version of the Search Console Connector? In the latest, it uses pagination of 10k rows per page.


I have installed SEO Tools 8.0.90. Should be the latest version, right?


Yes, latest official build but new release coming soon. I meant the Search Console connector version. You may need to upgrade via the Manager:


Oh, I didn't know that. Actually, yes - I was able to install a new version.