Avoiding #!SPILL Errors on RegexpFind


I'm looking to extract a pattern from a list of URLs.

Each row contains a URL, and I'd like to extract a pattern from it.

Unfortunately since RegexpFind will pull multiple matches and spill them out into different rows, it breaks the process, and ends up with the #!SPILL error.

Is there a way to just extract the first match? It may be possible with crafty regex but it also may not be, given the variability in the URLs.

It also may be a useful feature request to instead pull out the multiple matches in a comma or pipe delimited way, and not use multiple rows, which will likely break most people setups for at scale text extraction in excel.

Thanks for a great product!


Hi and thanks!

Only extracting the first item is default but the new spill-functionality in Excel 365 changed this. Previously, you needed to use the Dump() function to output entire array. Fortunately, you can add "@" after the "=" sign in the formula to limit results to first item:

Regarding your suggestion, this is possible using the StringJoin function: