Automate in Excel hyperlinks which allow files download


At the bottom of this page, there are 3 hyperlkins which, when we click them, allow the download of an Excel file.

Is it possible to have in Excel rows where we copy this hyperlink... and a macro that will click on each hyperlink and therefore the three files will be downloaded one after the other.

I have a Spreadheet with 10000 hyperlinks and would love to know how to automate the clicking, without having to have to click 10 000 times to download 10 000 small excel files.

Thanks for your help !!


Have you tried the DownloadFile function?


I found a way with a very basic VBA function but now they limit me at 500 downloads per month... I did not know the downloadfile function. Where can I find it in SEOTOOLSFOREXCEL ? Thanks !!


Look at the link in my previous post. It's a formula available under the HTTP menu, or directly: