API - Sistrix - Permission denied


I am not sure if this is a bug or a support request. I saw I bug from another user but I am not sure if the issues are related or not.

I get the error Permission denied when I am tring to use the Sistrix API. In fact, the error came while doing the request. So it was working and while doing the download it stoped working. We are speaking here of somewhat like 100 URLs.

  • I have enough (all) credits on Sistrix to use (although it should not be)
  • I double checked the API

Can you help me please?

Sincerely yours


It is always the same request that fails? If so, can you provide the inputs to repoduce?


I investigated further more and wrote to Sistrix.

The problems lied in Sistrix. Basically they forgotten (?) to upgrade our credits.

The problem is resolved and SEOTools4Excel is working like charm again.

Thank you again for fast responsing.

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