API Ahrefs.DomainRating

Hi folks,

when I try to pull DomainRating metrics from the APi I regularly get the following error :smile:

Exception: Exception

Message: bad target: 'url.xxx' 

When using the following formular nested inside a table with several domains


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I found a workaround for this issue. Delete the formula and then just reinsert it via the wizard.

However, I like to have a "master" excel sheet which I copy for every new job I want to fire up. This workaround adds a manual step. Considering I use this tool as to automize my link building as good as possible, I'd consider this as a pain :smile: .

Since this is not happening with all the other formulas + API connections, there might be a quick and easy bugfix?

I'd like to point out that your tool is probably the best tool out there. Thanks a lot <3!!!

Hi Max,

I'm not sure what you mean. Reinsert as formulas via wizard?

Tables are messy with SeoTools given that formulas auto-expand. This may interfer with the Ahrefs API limits/throttling.

Can you make a video of your issue?