Any Plans for Office Mac 2016 Support?


I have been a huge fan of SEO tools for Excel since I saw a presentation using it back in 2012. I have since switched to a mac, and now the only reason I keep a windows partition is because of SEO Tools for Excel.

Looking at the release notes for Excel Mac 2016, VBA add ins theoretically work with it (though they provide sub-par editing/debugging support). Would there be any plans to make compatibility for Mac?

Thanks for the great tool!

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Hey @protechig!

Unfortunately, making SeoTools compatible with OS X would mean rewriting it from scratch. Your best option is running virtualized using something like Parallels.

I'll go over how to set it up in the most convenient way in a future blog post.


Thanks @heyimwill I'm familiar with that, running through shared folders.



To address the Mac issue and a possible solution for that: is it planned to transfer SEO Tools to Excel 365 in the cloud? This way everyone regardless the OS can use the tools online.

Thanks for Info and best wishes


We don't have any plans from Mac and Office 365 at the moment. Sorry.