Analytics Page View Formula


Hi guys, can anyone help with my Analytics page view formula? I've been through the two support threads without success.

I want to display the page views of urls in column A for the last year, here is my formula:


All that appears in the cell is "ga:pageviews" without quotes.

I was going to drag the formula down to apply it to the entire A column afterwards.

Can anyone spot my mistake?



Try to change the third last argument to TRUE:
=@Dump(GoogleAnalytics("ga:GAIDHERE","ga:pageviews","2019-01-01","2020-06-24",,,"ga:pagePath==['[https _ ** -Performance-on-Search-2020-06-25.xlsx]Pages'!A2]",,100,TRUE,FALSE,"DEFAULT"))

This argument sets "Exclude headers in results" and if you don't exclude, only the header will appear because only the first item in the array are returned.