Allintitle for a cell value

Hi id like to be able to get the allintitle search operator results value for a keyword difficulty tool.

for example"tea" returns 35,200,000 results

so far im using =Scraper("Google.Results","allintitle:""c7""","")

however when you open the scraped url its searching the value "c7" (the cell containing the keyword) not as in the case of the example above the cells keyword content "tea".

im assuming its parsing the speech marks incorrectly

using v 4.3.5 if that helps




There are two issues I experience with your advice, Niels:

  1. Trying to use it I get #NAME. I'm on SeoTools_v9.3.0.6_20200603, which is the uptodate version according official download page.

  2. If a keyword contains more then one word, they must be enclosed with quotation marks, like How should your solution contain quotation marks in correct Excel syntax?

The answer from Niels was from 2016 and the Google.Results connector reference is not valid in Seotools version 9.