AlexaRank: ArgumentException

Exception: ArgumentException
Message: Connector '{identifier}' not found

SFTE 8.0.90,
Excel 365, Version 1906 (Build 11727.20230)

SeoTools_v8.1.40.0_20190627 (with included ReverceDNS) doesn't work - Excel crashs down 2 seconds after start.


Hi, when does this exception occur? Have you tried updating the Alexa connector via Manager?


It occurs just when i try to get data with

Alexa connector is up to date. and, oh, i see, it has these options no longer...:frowning: Just global rank, local rank and referring domains. Is it correct or is it another bug?


That is correct, changed to a more stable way to scrape. Does it work if you use the new metrics in the formula?


at least as values, yes. I maintained some dashboards with data from Alexa - they work no longer, because of no longer available metrics. Are there plans to bring missed metrics (BounceRate, PageViews, TimeOnSite, SearchVisits) back? Haven't tried XpathOnUrl for Alexa yet - maybe it would work


You can get the old connector file via Github history:

Replace the current Alexa.xml with the above and you should be able to do the old requests.

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Cool! Thank you!


Old connector delivers #NULL!


Okay, perhaps that is why I changed to the new one. I remember one or more of the metrics becoming unstable and so the site may have changed structure completely. If you are comfortable with XPath or regex, perhaps you can fix the old metrics if you specifically want them?