Ahrefs Traffic Data


Ahrefs team recently released traffic API, which is awesome.

Can someone help me in adding this functionality to the Ahrefs connector? I tried using "traffic" and "traffic_top10" and it didn't work. I got an Exception error (where: column 'traffic' not found)

Could anyone help?


Hi Alex, do you have a link to relevant API documentation?


Sure. Here

I tried to modify the existing connector code, but it didn't work like expected.


Thanks, I've added this endpoint. Should be available from the Manager. Here is the commit


Awesome! Thanks!


Hey guys,

been trying out the Ahrefs connector and I am struggling to pull country-specific data.

According to the API you should be able to add i.e. "ca" via Where and you should see the relevant output.

However creating this via SEOtools yields a #VALUE! for me.


Could you guys help me out here?


I don't know what "ca" should accomplish but the Where argument needs to be in a specific syntax, for example:




Also, make sure you download the new release which has updatd Ahrefs connector