AHREFS Traffic by Country

Hello All ---

I am using SEO Tools for Excel, and have long had 2 columns setup to pull Domain Rating and then Traffic (including all subdomains).

However, I have ALWAYS wanted to pull traffic by country...or, at least, pull US traffic for each site, or traffic by top 1 - 3 countries.

I am doing client link building, and looking to utilize sites with primarily US-based traffic...versus having to look up each one individually in Site Explorer EVERY TIME.

I know the API allows this now, but I don't see that traffic by country option available in SEO Tools for Excel.


Hi, can you link to API documentation for traffic by county? Currently, the Ahrefs connector is based on the v2 API.

I have seen that it is available through an API on Ahrefs...but I dont know how to utilize the API's and pull into Excel myself.

This is why I have SEO Tools for Excel...to do this for me. But it seems they do not have this newer feature integrated yet?