Ahrefs Connector - Backlinks



I spent a while going through some old posts here discussing the same issue. basically, I have a column that has a partial URL and I want to get the total # of backlinks for it.

I understand that this formula =@Dump(Connector("Ahrefs.AnchorsRefDomains",A2,"exact",,,"anchors","asc","RefDomain",TRUE,1000))
checks against exact URL. is there a way to do conains column A2 content instead of exact URL with this tool?

If exact is the only way, can someone please confirm if the above formula is correct because the formula works but no data comes in for pages that i have manually checked and there are in fact links pointing at them.

Thank you


You can try "subdomains" instead which returns results for *.domain/*


(replace semicolons with commas in formula above)


Thank you ! may I ask one more question?

I also want to get a list of total # of backlinks for a specific URL pattern so e.g.

Query All backlinks where the page that the links are pointed at includes /term in the URL

Result Linked to Page / Total Backlinks headers
domain.com/term/.... 2

i'd very grateful If you can help me figure out the formula here.

This is what I have =@Dump(Connector("Ahrefs.Backlinks","https://www.domain.com/term/","subdomains",,,"url_from","asc","UrlTo,DomainRating",TRUE,10))

but seems to just pull everything and not follow the pattern and just pull whatever. also not sure which argument is total # backlinks :frowning:

without going too far in here. to put it simple. i am just trying to see if there are any backlinks if there are how many for each URL that matches the above pattern.

Hope that makes sense ...