Ahrefs API does not work at all


Office 2010.
Latest version of SEOTools


C2: http://utahmaks.blogspot.com/2014/01/family-links.html

Then in another cell, I have:

Results: 0

I tried other URLS.
I tried other ahrefs functions, which also do not work


Perhaps it is not ahrefs specific.
Now it seems that SEOTools does not work at all

I restarted computer even, but when I put in:


The formula does not run at all. It just keeps showing the formula


P.S. often times when lookin in the forums I get "This page isn’t working
community.seotoolsforexcel.com is currently unable to handle this request.


I should also mention, Excel is set to run formulas automatically. Also, regular formulas (e.g. =1+1) work just find


Ahrefs issue remains unsolved.

However, I figured out http string errors because field format was set to Text isntead of General


Does other formulas work?


From the few others that I tested, yes, they work.

If I put a URL into the box, the results show

Url Ahrefs Rank
http://example.com/something.html 0

Besides the fact they all say 0, my second question is: It seems the tool is designed to enter a single url at a time, at least when I look at your exmaple:

however, I wanted to just put in a cell reference. E.g. A2
But when I do that, it doesnt seem to be designed for that.