AggregateException on AdwordsKeywordSearchVolume


First of all, I wanted to warmly thank you Seo For Excel creator, I use it since a long time and it works perfect.
Configuration : Win 10 / Excel For Office MSO 64 bits / SeoTools 8.0.90

I have a very small but very annoying issue with AdwordsKeywordSearchVolume (I have a Basic Google Ads API access).
When using this formula (French Excel with French Google Ads queries) :


and repeat it on many cells within my columns, sometimes I got this error

Then, if I put Excel to recalculate the formula, sometimes it works, sometimes not, and then got again this same error.

If someone could help, that would really awesome.




I'm not exactly sure to b honest. The AggregateException occurs when one of the threads making requests from the formula fails. I suspect rate limit/throttling but I got the same error after applying delay.

Adwords is one of the oldest Seotools integrations and definitely needs an update. Especially when it's being replaced by Google Ads API and Adwords will depreciate in a few months if I'm not mistaken.

Will look into this some more.

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Thanks so much for replying and for your help :slight_smile:

I also tried many different settings when it comes to rate limit and delay between requests, but I also got the same error as you did. I also tried by clearing cache and many presets, still the same.

So right now, to get keywords search volumes, I can't do anything else than taking each separate columns and retry each cell until I get results ; which will take me weeks to get all of what I need (although that's a bit faster than using Google Ads UI or anything else at this point).

If someone has the solution within one week frame, that would be awesome. He or she can also email me at pat at patrice dot pro just in case!

Regards !


Is there anyone who can help with Google Ads connector ? @nielsbosma maybe ? This AggregateException error is really annoying !!


Replied to your email.

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Update: After testing, the best approach is to use bulk input (up to 800 keywords) and test again if rate limit is hit.