AdwordsManager.LoadAccounts Exceptio: AdwordsApiException


Hi, when trying to connect with Google Ads cant make it because of this..

The error message is:

Exception: AdwordsApiException.....

No customer found for the customer id provided in the header... Error:AutheticationError.CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND

Why is that?



That error typically occurs when the authenticated user is not connected to the account with the developer token. Or if the developer token has not been submitted to and approved by Google.


What does it mean? That i have to be logged on my Adwords account through any web browser?


No, I meant that you need to login to a Google Account which has access to the Adwords Account which Google has approved the developer token for.


Ok. I haven´t sent any token for approval. Should i do it? Shouldn´t I?



That is required if you want to use the connector. Here are instructions (approval has gotten super-hard in recent years unfortunately):