Adwords Developer Token & Design Docs


I have an AdWords manager account and a developer token. However, when I try to login to Adwords via SEOTools, I’m given this error: Developer Token Not Approved.

I am currently on the "test account" level. The only other option is to "Apply for Basic Access", which requires I upload documentation:

❝This form will ask you detailed questions about your API tool design, and will also ask for design documents of your tool. If you don't have these ready, your application will be declined.…

❝Do you plan to use your AdWords API token with a tool developed by someone else?.. Upload design documentation of your tool (must be in .pdf, .doc or .rtf file formats only).

Thoughts? If we’re actually supposed to do this, where can we find this design documentation?



Hi, sorry for a late reply. Adwords has become increasingly more restrictive with their developer tokens. Design documentation was previously not required. I will look into this.


Thanks @diskborste. ツ

Rich »∵«


I'm in the same boat. Thanks for looking into this. :slight_smile:


Sorry to necro this one - I went throught the API application process this morning and got rejected.

They said the following:

It appears that you are planning on using a third-party tool (seotoolsforexcel) with an AdWords API token. This is a violation of the AdWords API Policies, and is not a permissible use case for API access.
Please feel free to contact the third party tool provider and encourage them to apply for their own token.


Hi Nate,

Yes, that is something we're going to look into. Oauth2 login with "Reporting Only" access would mean no tokens needed for the end users.


Great :slight_smile: Please do tell us when this is available as I am a new user and exporting data from Adwords was one reason why I bought SEOTools


Hi all. @diskborste we are in the same boat. Do you have the design document available?


@JRC, see my reply in other thread. Not allowed to apply for apps based on third-party services.

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