Adwords Connector Issue: Customer_Not_Found


Hi everyone, I've been trying for 3 weeks now to connect our mcc account with SeoToolsforExcel, however i keep getting this error whenever I try it.

Costumer_Not_Found, while doing some research I found this " No account found for the customer ID provided in the header", but I don't quite understand.

So i reached one of Google's adwords support and wrote the following:

"The error AuthenticationError.CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND means that no account was found for the customer ID against which you are making the call. Since seotoolsforexcel is a third party platform, I feel that their customer care would be the right team to help you with your queries. Even though seotoolsforexcel uses AdWords API to perform its tasks, the application may have additional functionality or behavior that we aren’t familiar with. You could reach out to the customer care through their support channel. Feel free to point them over to this thread for additional context. If you are able to get the AdWords API logs, I will be able to help you in troubleshooting the issue. "

Any ideas on why the connection is not working?

Thanks in advance.



Has it worked in previous versions of Seotools? Also, do you have a developer token?


Yes I have the developer token, is the first step actually, do you think I should generate a new one?. Actually I have'nt tried in any other version besides this one


No that shouldn't be necessary. Just wanted to confirm if the issue is related to Seotools. What version do you have installed? We recently made an upgrade to the Adwords connector which requires upgrading Seotools (Adwords is hard-coded and not available via the Manager).


I currently have 8.0.11, and is true I don't see the Adwords connector through the manager, should I try a previous version?


Hi there, any update?


Hi Josh,

I thought I answered your email. If not, I apologize for the mix-up. Can you send me an email at and I'll send you the latest build which has fixed several issues and bugs which may be related to this one.


Sure, I'll respond to that email.


Did anyone ever find a way to troubleshoot this? On the most recent version of SEOTools and still getting the Custerom_Not_Found error. Have tried with multiple Google Ads accounts.



I looked at the code and SeoTools returns the exception from Adwords API during authentication. According to the error documentation, this may mean that the account was created recently and hasn't been registered yet. However, when googling this error, other seems to have similar issues.



I have the same problem. I dont really understand what @diskborste mentions about the account was created recently; does mean the MCC account or the API token? Just beacuse we have the MCC account created since 2011 or so, and functions well

Do we just have to wait until works? Someone could confirm this or at least give an estimate about how much we have to wait for?

For future readers, I attached the photo of the error



That was the official reason from Google based on the Exception message. However, I have looked into this and the reason for these messages is most likely that "Basic" access is required (developer token with test access is not sufficient). This is not good because Google has made it increasingly more difficult to get tokens approved.

We plan to redesign the Adwords according to the new Google Ads API and make it extensive enough to be eligible for Standard access. This means no tokens or submissions are necessary and everything is handled by the SeoTools app. However, this will take some time because neither Ads API or getting approval are trivial.


Thanks for the response. So, the test account token isn´t enough and do we have to upgrade our API access to the Basic Account? Just to be clear for future readers

Again, thanks. We will try to ask for basic access, hope to be elegible


Correct, I hope you'll get approved but I recently did a submission and got rejected even though I supplied all sorts of material. Be sure to leave SeoTools out because they reject cases for third-party services.


@diskborste Okay, dont worry, we will delete al Seotools reference for the petition. Do you have an estimated date for the version with the easy connection to Adwords Api? I know its difficult, we ask only for informational purpose


No estimated date. In order to get approved, the app requires complete functionality for all ad levels including publishing and modifying. We have avoided these types of requests in the past so it would be a huge change for SeoTools in general. However, next release of SeoTools is very close to release and Google Ads is one of the main tasks afterwards.