AdWords API delivers wrong data in every case if a list of queried keyword contains a keyword without search volume


seotools 7.0.11, win7x64
Look at the following screenshot:

  • In a1-a3 are three keywords, a1 and a3 with search volume, a2 - without. Firstly we test the keyword one after one: the first has search volume data, the second hasn't, the third has it again.
  • Now we test the list of the first and third keyword (a1 and a3, those with keyword data) - the data we get are correct, exactly as in Keyword Planner GUI.
  • Then we test all three keywords: the first with SV, the second without and the third with sv: the results is weird. The first keyword with SV gets correct data, the second keyword without search volume gets the data of the third keyword, the third keyword disappears.


Thank you very much for looking into this. We'll investigate further and try to fix the issue ASAP.


I can't reproduce any error from your post.

Can you please write down step by step so I can reproduce?



Hi Niels,
We take 3 keywords, like on the screenshot:

  • a1: hallesche versicherung kündigen, sv=10
  • a2: feuersozietät versicherung kündigen, sv=0
  • a3: hanse merkur versicherung kündigen, sv=390

If we checking search volume of these keywords exactly in this order, we get:

  • hallesche versicherung kündigen, sv=10
  • feuersozietät versicherung kündigen, sv=390

The keyword without search volume gets search volume of next keyword with search volume and the "search volume donor" disappears.

You can reproduce the test checking search volume of any 3 keywords, where only the first and third have search volumes - the checking order should be:

  • keyword with search volume
  • keyword without search volume
  • keyword with search volume

Thanks, I'll take a look at this.