Add-in enabled but i can't see the tool in the Excel's menu


As you can see from the images i enabled the add-in Seo Tools For Excel but for some reason i can't see it in the menu and use its functions.

Img 2 ->
Img 3 ->

I already uninstalled Seo Tools for Excel 3 times (restart the PC each time i uninstalled the tool) and i tryed by removing the folders "Excel" from here


Other info:

  • "componenti aggiuntivi" = add-ins
  • I got Microsoft 365 for business
  • System 64 bit


This issue has been reported a few times within the last day. One solution was to allow SeoTools from the firewall/antivirus program. Does this help?

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Yes! Thank you very much.

I went on Windows Security and opened the protection history and i find out that something inside amsi: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE was blocked.