AccuApi URL Rank for Keyword


Recently installed SeoToolsforExcel, added the AccuAPI connector and registered for an AccuAPI account.

Wanted to check my page's ranking for a particular keyword. I know it is top 10 so I limited the results to 10.

I noticed the connector doesn't have the "Rank" field available. I can see this field on the demo page

I tried adding it manually and the connector failed.

Does this connector no longer support rank? Is there a workaround besides getting clever with Excel vlookup and formulas?


Thank you for bringing this up. We've converted the AccuAPI connector from hard-coded within SeoTools to regular connector and we missed the Rank metric.

I've updated the connector and you can get the new version from the Manager:


Thanks so much for your help and fast response! I tried updating now and noticed version date was 08-26-2020.

Does that version contain the Rank update?


Hi, I see the "Rank" field now.

But the connector still doesn't work correctly. The ranks don't run 1-10. Instead I see 1, 10,11,13, etc. The numbering is off.

Also, I don't get a single result for my domain. Instead, I see results 1-10 including my domain.

I would prefer just one row containing my domain's rank for this keyword. I tried recreating the demo and it didn't work either.


Can you post a screenshot of the incorrect results?


Hi, here it is. Maybe I grabbed the updated AccuAPI software incorrectly?

Below, I want the rank,url, and domain for using en-US for keyword "british news".

The formula in b2 uses keyword a2 and device b1.

The result is unexpected. 10 incorrectly numbered results instead of just 1 matching "" domain.


You are right, I misunderstood. I thought AccuAPI handled the domain filtering but this needs to be done one our side. I've solved it but it required updating the Seotools code so here is a new build


Thanks, will test this in the next day or so and reply.

Really appreciate your assistance. Just bought this tool yesterday and it is already making life much easier.

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Hi, tried updating today. Saw the 12-09-2020 Version 35 in my update manager still.

Installed it thinking the version number hadn't changed.

Still get the same output as my screenshot. Do I have to refresh the local XML file or uninstall SEO Tools and reinstall?


Oh, I thought the latest version was included by default in the install. Now it should be available in the Manager.


Hi Victor, I still see Version 35 in my manager. Also tried uninstalling and downloading a fresh copy of SEO Tools.

Do I need to refresh my cache?


Hmm, not sure. Try downloading the this file (right click->save as) and overwrite old AccuApi.xml in the connectors folder in the Seotools install directory.

Then Settings -> Reload Settings


That won't run without SEOTools 9.5.4. The latest SEO Tools download is

Is there a download link for 9.5.4?


Okay, that explains it. Yes, I linked the latest build earlier, here it is again.


Hi Victor, thanks, that worked!

Is there a way to limit the results to the top ranking number and URL?

Following my example above, a search for "the guardian uk" returns ~8 URLS from

All 8 ranks and URLs would appear on the spreadsheet. I want to limit it to just 1. I think this would require a new feature unless there's a parameter I missed.


Try setting this to 1: