Vimeo Connector


Hi Guys

I am new to SEOTools and so far really happy with what I have seen. I am looking at using the Vimeo Connector to gather data from our Vimeo account. At the moment it seems like the functionality is limited to only the User and Video Creator information.

At the moment I am currently exporting manual reports from Vimeo which includes Types of Devices used, Region Information of our Viewers, Source Report and the full Video Report (which includes fields such as number of views, loads, unique loads and finishes)

Is there anyway to extract that information using SEOTools? If not is it something which is going to be included in later versions of the Vimeo Connector.




The Vimeo connector has not been updated in a very long time. Could definitely be improved with User login instead of manual API key which would provide more data as well. However, the analytics stats you mention doesn't appear to be available via the API: