Query of BuiltWith API


Could somebody help me to query an API of BuiltWith.com? They offer both of JSON and XML - but it is pretty the single API, which i personally can't get into SeoToolsForExcel... I don't know what happens - with JsonOnUrl or XpathOnUrl i get just empty cells, but the files exist - thats for sure.
Maybe any ninja would create even a connector for BuildWith - for me would absolutely enough to get data as per URL, from JSON with JsonOnUrl, or from XML with XpathOnUrl...
Files look like:

Its my API key there - its free and has some (50) free queries on it. Thanks for any help!


Hi, will take a look at it tonight.

I hid the API key so it won't get hijacked or drained from credits.

Thanks for a great suggestion!


Will create a BuiltWith Connector. Regarding your question, this JsonPathOnUrl formula returns results for me:


While you create a connector, could you maybe teach me, how do quickly select the JsonPath? Like this one:
Do you use any tool for this?


I am pretty comfortable with the query syntax so now I usually paste the json data to this page and view the tree:

There are also browser extensions which formats the json for you and allows copying of json paths. This page has some good basic syntax overview:


Thank you! Got it with XML! - My fail was - i thought, Xpath would be case dependent :frowning: After i catched the case independency, everything began to work:)

Well, for everybody with the same fail:
Even if the XML node is like


The Xpath should be



Yes, we're aware of that. Should either explain it better or make a fix.

I'll send you a beta version of the connector, let us know what you think :slight_smile:


Even tested the connector - works like a charm. Is it possible to implement an additional node? I think it contains the core informations the service delivers.

It is the node under /Api12/Results/APIResultWithMetaV12/Result/Paths/Path/Technologies/Technology[1...n] - means, the content of each sub-node of /Technologies
Would be very very cool, if each field goes into its own cell - i mean, not as an array, everything into the same cell.