Microsoft translate: can't add formular


Hey everybody,
I am trying to have text translated by using the Microsoft translate Connector.
When I am selecting the "insert values" option everything works fine (input text is translated correctly). However, when I try to "input formular" to the cell instead, it does not work.

Inserted formular to cell:
=Connector("MicrosoftTranslate.Translate";"Text to translate";"";"de")

Error message:
Message:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Do you have any ideas what went wrong and how I can fix this?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Cheers, Jean-Luc


it seems like in the "insert formular"-version (in contrast to the "insert value"-version) the "translate from language" information needs to be passed and cannot be left blank:

does not work:
=Connector("MicrosoftTranslate.Translate";"Text to translate";"";"de")

does work:
=Connector("MicrosoftTranslate.Translate";"Text to translate";"en";"de")

would be awesome to be able to use the automatic language detection also in the formular based version!
Thanks a lot in advance!

Looking for SeoTools 6.0 beta testers! (updated 2016-11-03)

Thanks for reporting this bug. Will try to fix this for next version.


If you don't want to wait for next version:

Open connectors/MicrosoftTranslate.xml and change this to false:


Fixed in 5.2.5: