Google Search Console Unable to load sites


If I want to select one of my sites from my google search console, nothing happens. I have an connection and my account has authentifcated sites, but I can only see an empty form:

Is this a known problem?



No, not familiar with it. I've sent you a newer build, can you test and see if the problem persists?


I have the same problem. What is the solution ?
I have the latest version of seotoolsforexcel (8.0.90)


Sent you a newer build via PM, does it help?


No. It's working well with google analytics but not with the search console


Are you sure you have sites connected to the account you logged in with?


Yes of course :smiley:


Very weird. Can you send me and email at and we can continue this discussion?


I uninstalled and reinstalled seotools for excel and now everything is working fine.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have the above described problem with version I can no longer access the Google Search Console data If I use old tables that already contain formulas that worked before, they contain NULL values after the formulas have been recalculated.
I installed version because I couldn't access the data from Google Adwords with my previous version. With I was unfortunately not successful in this point either.



This is most likely because additional parameters have been added to the Search Console connector. Try creating a new formula from the connector pane, and modifying your existing formula accordingly. Here is an example of the current parameters:


Thanks for the tip, but it didn't work out. The problem remains that none of my properties from the GSC can be accessed via the connector pane. By the way, I work with the relatively new domain properties. But there are also old properties that are also not found. When I open the "Select Site" popup, it remains empty and no GSC property can be selected.