GetRefDomainInfo from Majestic


How is it possible to query GetRefDomainInfo from Majestic? I get only lists of refDomains, or refDomains for special url (not domain) - but i need just one number, but for the whole domain. Is it possible? Maby i just can't find it...


Do you mean the number of reffering domains for a specific domain? This is available under 'Index Data' view, metric 'RefDomains'


Got it - but this delivers me the number of refDomains for the given url "", but not for the whole domain "".
Or is there any occult parameter, known to black helicopter pilots?


Is this possible via Majestic front-end? Tried but couldn't find this number. Are you sure the "root domain" figure (same as Seotools provides via connector) doesn't include sub domains?


Haven't find it too:) The only place where i got it, is the Majestic API - there this number is named as GetRefDomainInfo

PS.: got it with =Dump(Connector("Majestic.IndexData";"";"fresh";"RefDomains";FALSE))

The trick - to query only the domain name, as by =UrlProperty(;"domain") - if without protocol and subdomain the query gives the number for the whole domain!