Ebay connector item quantity


I do not see the item quantity field in the connector as configured out of the box ... sort of a really key field ... how do i add this to the query?


Hi, that's a good question. It doesn't seem to be included by default. Also tried various outputSelector parameters without success. Perhaps you or someone else can point me in the right direction in the Ebay API docs?


ok i will look and let you know ... now that i have your attention I also want to point out that you are bringing back only the first 3 characters for the zip codes

Also big changes at ebay in their data structure this year ... you should be bringing back the key characteristics fields... their data base is geared to meet all the criteria google wants in order to index items for sale. Key fields will be model mpn (manufacturers part number) and brand.

The reasons to include these should be obvious because you can sort on mpn or even the ebayid or upc ... in the query results your connection provides i would need to extract what i can from the title field using instr function from a table i create of mpn's ...not clean and a major pain in the neck. If you are interested in including these , I am happy to assist


ok balls in your court

unitPrice (doc change): In the call reference documentation, unitPrice had appeared erroneously under searchResult.item.sellerInfo. It now appears in its correct location under searchResult.item, with an updated description. The unitPrice container and its child fields, quantity and type, are returned only if the value of outputSelector is UnitPriceInfo



your tools are almost there ... i need you guys to add a few fields to make them complete. I am willing to pay for this under contract if you would like. Whatever gets the job done. I am fully capable of doing this myself , what I lack is the time to do it. I do have the technical background to communicate my specific needs.


Thank you for your dedication and suggestions. I'm having difficulties with the API unfortunately. Not able to get the unitPrice container despite trying the outputSelector as stated by that doc page. Here is the response items and only element containing price:


The two last digits are hidden, here are the complete zip strings:

Not sure how to get the model mpn or brand. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. An exact API request would be ideal.


mpn and brand etc can be brought back in the shopping api using the FindProducts call




i am working on the quantity issue ... i will post back

on the mpn, model etc ... i dont know the api restrictions here ... can you join a query across api's? Or is this something I would need to dump into two separate database tables and query the results in the data base I created?

my intent here is to develop a market research tool where I can know the competitive landscape ... that is item part number, item location, seller, item quantity, item price, item condition.

in my case i am selling items imported from china where i have a market advantage with domestic stock. so knowing where an item is, how many there are and at what price is important. Manually going through this i find opportunities to increase pricing and it works. This process could be automated as well. This is where this data comes into play. The pricing impact isnt trivial ... the price can double when us stocks drop low as delivery from china is a big turn off to many buyers. I currently sell items at 59 bucks each that are available in china for half that ... this price can vary depending on the domestic competition from 43 - 150 bucks each depending on the domestic availability


well i think I found out why the UnitPriceInfo did not bring back the quantity

"UnitPriceInfo = Include the unitPrice container with unit type and quantity information used for per-unit pricing (on eBay EU sites only)."

i have a question on this in the ebay forum ...but i have done some digging and i dont see a way to do this through the public api ... i think i would need to scrape it


We do not have support for joining queries in the connectors.

I don't understand the difference between FindProducts and findItemsByKeywords endpoints. I did some test searches and couldn't find matching items based on either product name and ids.


it appears that ebay has restricted the details that would make this very useful. I appreciate your time and effort. Scraping appears to be the only way to get this at this point

i tested ScrapingExpert with good results today https://scrapingexpert.com/ebay-scraper/