Cannot Add Proxies


I am trying to add some proxies via the Global HTTP Settings, but for some reason, they are not listed after I bulk add them. I noticed the format is supposed to be IP, Port, Username and Password. But none of the proxies I have come with a username and password. They look something like this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hey, Tom.

I just noticed your post just now. Hopefully I understand your problem correctly. If so…

I believe there’s a minor bug :bug: in the HttpSettings() wizard that requires a Username and Password for each proxy. If either is absent from a given proxy, the wizard simply discards the entry.

When using the wizard to add proxies (in bulk or individually), include temporary usernames & passwords such as:***user:password******user:password***

Once inserted into the cell, simply edit the resulting function to replace each instance of “user”,“password” with “”,"". You’ll end up with something like this:


I hope this helps!

– Tim


Thank you for looking into this. I’ll report it to Niels!


Thank you! That worked perfectly.


This has been fixed in next release.