Already Solved - Runtime Error after installation


I had some issues with SEO Tool so I tried to reinstall it, but I still have some issus, so I'm looking here for help.

First, I uninstalled SeoTools and manually removed the folder from \AppData\Local to get a fresh start. Then I installed SeoTools_v8.1.0.2_20181009.msi. That works so far, but when I try to start it I am greeted with the following message:

Runtime [Error] Unhandled exception in async delegate call. : SEHException - External component has thrown an exception.

Excel also behaves a bit odd after that, and dosn't close unless forced to.

I'm not sure if my other problems are a consequence of this error, so I wait for that to be resolved before I reporte the other issues.



Managed to get Version 8.0.90 working after reinstalling Excel. Sorry.