AHREFS CONNECTOR horrendously slow


Hi guys,

I am a veteran SEO and have been using Excel seotools for a number of years and I have a big problem with the AHREFS connector.

I am on the latest release of SEOTOOLS and pulling ahrefs data via API is so slow it is practically unusable. I know Ahrefs pulls data on a per URL basis, but asking for outbound links for 200 domains by inputting a formula and then repiclating downwards can take 10 minutes to populate as my super powerful computer sits on CALCULATING and waits for the ahrefs API to pull in the data. Is the connector broken?

As an example, the majestic connector (which is fantastic thanks) can pull in over 300000 urls outbound links in the same time. I know its not an Ahrefs API problem, because Netpeak checker pulls the AHREFs data at lightning speed.

I am using an Ahrefs API key for this work. Any ideas?



When did this issue start? When upgrading to the latest version? Can you provide an example formula so I can test it? I will report this to Niels and we'll try to resolve it as soon as possible.


Hi diskborste,

Something as simple as an AhrefsDomainRating call on 1500 cells.

I am running it now on an 8 core beast with a huge bandwidth pipe and it will take around 5 minutes to complete. Running the same query on Netpeak Spider would take 1/4 or less the time, I am pretty sure.

Majestics connector I know you bundle up urls to metric check into bunches but it is fantastic - gobbles up 100,000 urls in a few minutes.

Could it be a problem with asynchronous requests or ineffecive timeouts?


To add I cant say when this issue started as I have only tested the AHREFs connector since u brought in async connections 1 or 2 releases ago.


Obviously Ahrefsdomainrating() is the lightest metric u can test. If you start to test pulling multiple columns per url, then it is even worse.


Ahrefs isn't async (yet).


That would make sense Niels - maybe you could see to async it in the future, as Ahrefs consistently has the most useful metrics.


Yes we're working on it.